From the Obia Sourcebook. Creatures looking out from the Shadow World.

From the Latin tenebrae, Tenebrous means “to shut off from light or to cause gloom”. This is the intended effect Obia are willing into existence when they tap into this power. Vampires are no stranger to tapping into strange powers to further their goals. The Daemoni have Thaumaturgy, the Bucoli have Sorcery and the Lyhin have Sanguinis. As an Obia, a similar manifestation of power exists called Tenebrous. Tenebrous is a thaumaturgical power using Darkness in the place of blood. When an Obia wishes to tap into Tenebrous, they will the Darkness within themselves to manifest a change in the world around them. Through this connection they are able to alter reality building constructs and performing feats beyond the normal range of Gifts.


In the Obia Sourcebook it is mentioned that Tenebrous is cast much like Thaumaturgy using the Ritual Chart. Unlike Thaumaturgy, Tenebrous is Ritual-based taking time for each Ritual to be cast. The exact time it lasts depends on the caster. See the Ritual Chart for more information.

Whispers of Virgil: The Obia may use shadows to evesdrop on a conversation

Shadow Camoflauge: The Obia may become invisible when they step into shadows.

Umbralkinetic ConstructsEdit

Animation Scatterling: The Obia is able to create a small imp-like creature.

Animation: Reanimate: The Obia may use Darkness to reanimate a creature.

Animation: Object: The Obia may use Darkness to animate objects.

Umbral Wing Manifestation: The Obia may use Darkness to manifest wings to grant natural flight.

Barriers: The Obia may create barriers using Darkness.

Fortification: The Obia may use Darkness to reinforce an object.

Golems: The Obia may use Darkness to create Golems to perform an action.